Monday, April 11, 2011

Confessions of a Pattern Junkie

I confess that their are vintage patterns, like this one, on Ebay that could cause me to enter the cat fight between all the other vintage baby pattern lovers and determine that I would win the pattern, no matter the cost. Fortunately for me, I hit an estate sale a couple of years ago and discovered a box that had a bunch of old vintage patterns in it and vintage hankies...some of the hankies were still in the pretty boxes that hankies used to come in. I stood guard over the box and when the auctioneer (who is also my pastor) came round he sold the box for junk in with a bunch of other boxes. I entered into a bidding war but was out bid. Apparently, the man I was bidding against saw something in one of the boxes that he really wanted and was willing to pay more than $15 dollars for...that was my limit.

After the auction, I caught the man and his wife loading their boxes of junk and I asked them if they were interested in selling the box with patterns and hankies. They were interested, so I gave them $10 dollars and off I went with my patterns and hankies.

This little beauty was among some of the very sweet patterns and I absolutely love it. If I were to have another baby....I would be pulling this treasure out, along with the embroidery transfers, which are still good and I would be whipping up a few of these.

McCalls 773. Copyright 1940.

I've looked at the instructions and all these little gowns and shirts are very simple to make. I love hand made/home made clothes on babies and children. Anything home made, shows an investment of love, in the life of a child.

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  1. Now those are really cute; however when my babies were little I made something like view C and didn't like the fact that it would'nt stay closed. Maybe it wasn't supposed to. I wish I hadn't given my patterns away and I'd ship them to you.