Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Give Away

My friend, Mary Ann @ A Joyful Chaos is having a give away on her blog. I have had the privilege of knowing Mary Ann and her family for the last several years as they used to live in our neck of the woods. She is telling the story of how she grew up Amish and eventually left the Amish church. Its is the sweetest blog I've ever had the pleasure to read.

Anyway...she is giving away REAL MAPLE SYRUP! Can I say YUM!

So check out her blog and grab a cup of coffee or tea because, believe me, you'll want to stay awhile.


  1. I agree with you; A Joyful Chaos is very interesting. I suggested to her one time she should put all those stories into a book.

  2. I agree! But, I'm in PA, so I can run down to the corner store and get some maple syrup, so I'll let someone else enter for a chance to win. ;)