Sunday, April 3, 2011

Confessions of a Pattern Junkie

I confess that sometimes I can't resist a vintage pattern because I love the artwork on the envelope. I've often thought it would be cute to frame the envelopes and use them as decoration in a sewing room or a child's room.

Check out the artwork on this cutie.
Simplicity 4681 and again no copyright date. I'm guessing 40's because the original cost of the pattern was $.15.
I love this pattern and the envelope. Look at the barn drawn in the back ground.
What I really like though is the message this pattern envelope gives. Rural life. Work on the family farm. I'm often reminded that God put man in a garden and told him to dress it and keep it. Some of the best memories I have with my children are the early mornings and evenings that we have spent working in the garden together.

I especially like the little girl with the spade. Her bib overalls have eyelet trim around the bib and the pockets. She has a touch of femininity while she is working away in the dirt. :)


  1. This pattern could very well be from the 40s; I was little during that time period and have a picture of myself in overalls similar to these. The patterns would make nice framed pictures.

  2. Such Sweetness!
    I can see how you would easily become a "junkie" :)
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