Thursday, April 14, 2011


I've been busy making a few dolls here. Two put together and I'm knitting up some hair for one of them. I'm creating another in my mind as I knit.

I had an awful thing happen yesterday. I put together the sweetest little doll, and just as I was almost finished, I snipped a string and cut a hole in her foot. There was no way to fix her and make her foot look good, so when I got home from church last evening, I cut her out a new body, sewed it up and put her back together and she is mighty cute....

A sneak peak of my fixed up girly girly,
I still have to make her clothes. We borrowed these from my growing pile of doll clothes that need to be listed in my Etsy store.

I still haven't thought of a name for her yet. Part of the fun of making dolls is getting to dream up a name for them. :)


  1. Don't you just hate when something like that happens! I have been sewing some shorts and pj's for Noah. I have a hard time with the elastic in the waist ,dosen't seem to go in evenly,don't know why. Blessings jane

  2. I always look forward to seeing your new dolls and doll clothes. They're precious. What great patience it takes to re-do something; I know, because mine has been tried here lately.