Friday, April 1, 2011

I was digging through a small storage tote a few days ago and came across this little dress.

I bought this dress at a resale baby shop when my oldest daughter, Autumn, was an infant. That was 20 years ago. After Autumn out grew it my sister in law was expecting a baby girl so I packed up a bunch of Autumns baby clothes and mailed them too her. I didn't figure I would ever see the dress again.

One day my sister was over at my sister in laws and saw this dress in a pile that sat on the couch. My sister asked my sister in law about it and was told that it used to be Autumns dress. My sister took the dress home with her and mailed it back to me.

When I was expecting Ezra (4 babies after Autumn) I was really wanting a girl. I pulled the dress out and looked it over. To my dismay it had a H U G E formula stain all over the collar, down most of one sleeve and over the shoulder to the front and the back. Left to sit the formula stain had turned a yucky orangish color. I was bummed. Formula stains are difficult to remove and I didn't have a clue about OxiClean.

I soaked the dress and hand rubbed it for awhile and let it set. I rinsed it thoroughly. Then I took a cotton ball and some peroxide and rubbed that stain over and let it set for awhile. I rinsed the dress again and let it dry. The stain was noticably lighter! I wet it again and dowsed it with peroxide again. The stain was even lighter! So I repeated the process again and this time the stain came out.

Ezra was not the girl I was hoping for and that was ok. Finally after 4 boys in a row we had a girl, Livia and she wore the dress too.

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  1. Pretty little dress; isn't it hard to believe they were ever so small? I've kept several of the more special dresses for my girls, which they may end up not wanting at all, but they mean a lot to me anyway.