Monday, March 28, 2011

Confessions of a Pattern Junkie

I confess that I love practical everyday patterns. Practical patterns that have lots of dress design or lots of mix and match outfits. Practical patterns remind me that sewing is for everyday life, not just special occasions.

Check out this practical and pretty dress pattern.
Simplicity 4924. Copyright ? I can't find one on the envelope. I'm guessing 60's as the pattern is $.50

Several years ago I made a dress similar to these for my youngest daughter for everyday wear. My older daughter and I both commented on how strange it was for me to make her a dress just to play in. Usually if I make a dress we at least wear it it church for awhile before it becomes an everyday dress. I especially like the two dresses at the botton on the right. I think I'm going to be making both styles for my younger daughter, Livia pretty soon. One for church and one for everyday. I like the tailored look the buttons give the yellow dress. I was thinking of doing that one in blue/aqua color with red bias tape and red buttons.


  1. Some of the older patterns are very pretty. Do you make a lot of your daughters clothes? Blessings jane

  2. I wish I still had some of our patterns to share with you. What years do you prefer the patterns to be from? Jeans just gradually took away the frills didn't they?