Friday, March 25, 2011

Meet Mary Beth

What fun I had making this sweet dolly.

I learned something new about knitting too. I learned that when picking up stitches along the front edges of a must pick up about 20 stitches, not 15. 15 stitches cause the front edges to curve a bit. It looks good and gives her cardigan a bit more character than it already had.
The black floral fabric in Mary Beth's jumper is some of my favorite fabric EVER! I had used every last scrap of it and was weeping and wailing every time I opened my fabric cupboard door when one day, one glorious sun shiny day, I found it online while browsing through fabric at I promptly ordered 5 yards. A girl has to have her favorite fabric!

Mary Beth is in my shop. :)


  1. This has to be my favorite! Her hair is just right, and I LOVE the freckles!

  2. What a sweet dolly! Her clothes are delightful and those freckles are adorable!

  3. Oh what a beautiful doll! A very blessed little girl will love her to pieces I'm sure! She's lovely, Dana!

  4. I love her!
    I think she is my favorite so far!