Monday, March 14, 2011

Felipe, a Red Green in The Making

This is my little man, Felipe. (said Phillip) He is 5 years old.

The arm on my old rocker has been broke for awhile. The arm lifts off the post. This morning, young Felipe said to me that he thought he could fix the arm for me. Me, being involved in giving two, LONG, spelling tests to my older boys, told young Felipe to have at it! I figured as long as I didn't hear electrical tools going or the sound of a hand saw ripping through the wood, he couldn't do much to hurt it. I finished the spelling test to see a very proud Felipe standing at the chair looking pleased with his fixing.

Too cute.
I do want to say though, that I'm glad he hasn't discovered duct tape.


  1. What a cute handyman! I'd say even better than Red Green!

    P.S. Word Verification is taboocoma. Cracked me up for some reason. :)

  2. LOVE IT! I also thought that it's great he didn't have the duct tape! LOL He is growing so big.