Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meet Rowan

Rowan, I love her name.
I made up the pattern for the overall construction of her vest. There is supposed to be a zig zag type pattern in the middle section of the vest and there is, its not easy to see though. I'm still learning about what types of yarns go with patterns and stitches. I found the zig zag pattern in a book I checked out from my local library, The Complete Book of Knitting. It must have over 100 different stitch patterns in it. At this point a lot of my made up knitting is trial and error. I end up hoping a lot that my knitting falls on the side of a successful trial instead of an epic error.

I made up the hat pattern too. I was attempting to go for more of a beret look but it didn't come out that way not sure what I need to do different to get the right look. I added the button holes around the ribbing just in case the hat was too big I could add the ribbon to cinch it up a bit.. I was guessing on the amount of stitches I needed to go with. I have a doll beret pattern but it is knit flat on straight needles and I wanted to do something in the round and it didn't have the beret look I was going for. Also it called for sport yarn and I was using worsted which would result in a bigger stitch. So I guesstimated AND it came out. The hat fits fine without the ribbon and it is so stinkin' cute on her.
Rowan is ready to go in my store, Folky Dots.


  1. I love her!! and the beret looks perfect to me. Your work is really professional.

  2. Your dolls are gorgeous! And I know how much work they are. I used to make them! love, Beth