Friday, March 4, 2011

Dolly Day Friday, Meet Miguel and Silas

Fridays are officially Dolly Day Fridays! A fun idea being hosted by Jenny of the lovely Little Jenny Wren Blog.

Meet Miguel. The first little boy doll that I made.

When I started getting into making dolls my daughter suggested making a doll for Silas, the baby of the family. So I made up a doll for Silas and he loved him. Miguel sleeps with Silas every night.

Silas has gotten old enough now that if something happens to him it also happens to Miguel. Silas had a boo boo recently and Miguel had one too. I enjoy watching Silas' imagination bring Miguel to life.

When Silas saw this picture on my computer screen he said "Hey! thats a picture of my baby!"


  1. Dana,that was so cute,your little boy is precious and so is Silas.You are so talented! Blessings jane

  2. Miguel is gorgeous, such a sweet face and that lovely hair.
    Thank you for joining in on Dolly Day Friday

  3. They make the perfect pair. Its so nice to see a little boy with a friend like Miguel.

  4. Silas and Miguel are a cute pair! When I see a little boy loving his "baby", it makes my heart happy. Silas will grow to be a very caring man one day.

  5. Miguel and Silas are adorable! I am happy to be your newest follower!