Thursday, March 17, 2011

January Wedding Bells

Our daughter was married back in January and I thought I'd share some pictures and captions from her big day.
The happy bride and groom.
Autumn wanted her first kiss to be sort of private. So we had these parasols custom made. Purchased from a seller on Etsy. When our pastor said it was time to kiss the bride, the best man and the maid of honor stepped forward with these parasols and popped them open, shielding Jason and Autumn from the eyes of the congregation. The whole congregation burst out laughing. It was a lot of fun.

All my daughters dear friends!
My daughter, Autumn. I pray her marriage is blessed beyond measure.
I love the colors in this picture. The white dress, cream roses and the whitish/grayish rocks.
She wore red Mary Jane's under her wedding dress. It was fun idea and made for fun conversation.
The wedding party acting goofy and making faces at them kissing. haha.

The bride and groom. They were married on January 29, 2011. We prayed for an unseasonably warm day and we got it. Autumn really wanted outside pictures. The weather was in the high 50's.
Those fun red shoes again.

The groom and grooms men.
The bride and the brides maids. The little dark headed girl behind the bride is our youngest daughter, Livia.
The handsome groom...Jason.

The tables at the reception. I plan to do a whole blog post at some point on the Luminaries (the vellum cylinder with the scripture and candle down inside to light it up) The Etsy seller I bought the Luminaries from was an absolute dream to work with and ... I better stop or I'll write the post now.

I hope you all enjoyed a look into our lives.

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  1. Hi! Just found your blog over at EMZ-Piney Post. Love these photos of your daughter's wedding! And I love the red shoes; how cute!
    I think the idea of the parasols is really sweet.
    Glad she had a pretty day, so she could have some outdoor photos taken.
    Thanks for sharing!