Friday, March 18, 2011

Pretty Mail

When I mail out doll clothes I like to create special packaging.

The first thing I did was ask all my friends to save their paper grocery bags for me.

Then I cut the bag down and sew three sides together.
I like to zig zag in red but any color or good stitch could be used.
I add a few Mary Englebreit stickers to dress it up a little.
And a sticker in the corner bearing my business logo.

I put the purchased doll clothes in a ziplock baggie and put the baggie into the paper envelope, sliding it as far as possible. (Don't want to catch the baggie in the open edge when I sew it shut)
I address it and take it to the post office. (names and addresses erased out for obvious reasons)

Customers love the packaging. It doesn't take long to make up a bunch and have them ready to go. I spend a few minutes cutting out "envelopes", I sew three sides and my daughter, Livia, puts the stickers on for me. Then all I have to do is pull one out, address it, put the doll clothes in and sew it shut. It only takes a few minutes to have cute packaging that 90% recycled materials.

This idea is not original to me. Last year I saw a tutorial on Kats in the Belfry's blog and decided to try it. The idea stuck and now I mail all my doll clothes these types of envelopes.


  1. That is such a good idea! Your little dresses are precious! Makes me want to sew for a doll.

  2. What a great idea! Adds a very sweet touch.