Sunday, June 12, 2011

A year or so ago my goal was to make several of Livie's church dresses from vintage patterns. I've gotten one dress made since that time using a vintage pattern from my stash. What have I learned? Patterns have been dumbed down since the 50's. I literally sweat my way through this pattern. Not that it was really complicated but there was definately way more detail work that took time and precision, which did make for a nicely fitted dress.

The picture is not the best...the flash kept making her blink. The bodice has 6 darts. The bottom of the bodice flared a little to come down over the hips with a fully pleated skirt. There is a nice wide sash that was supposed to be sewn on to the outside of the dress, but I just cannot bring myself to do that so I sewed the sash into the side seam. Simplicity 1496. One of the nicest, tailored dresses I've ever made for Livia. If I were to make this dress again, I think I would do it in a small print blue gingham and sew red buttons onto the chest and waist where those embellishments go. Very cute pattern. Now that I've made it once it should be easier the next time.

I used fabric from from the line Doll Dresses by Holly Holderman of Lakehouse fabrics. Beautiful stuff that Doll Dresses fabric. It makes up around a third of my fabric stash for dressing my own dolls.


  1. I love dolly dresses fabric, as you well know!!

  2. That's a beautiful dress and I love the fabric choice. Vintage dresses were so pretty; seems too many of them now are just straight with no detailing to make them special. Livia is lucky to have a mom who can sew such pretty things for her.