Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life at the Wilsons

My poor blog has been neglected for a week. I want to blog but life sometimes gets in the way and blogging goes to the wayside. :)

I've been knee deep in school, laundry, keeping a bunch of hungry boys fed, laundry, dolls and doll clothes. My dryer has been broke for a month. My son built me a clothes line. The clothes line is great and works great when the rain holds off. Monday was a sun shiny day and I washed no less than 7 loads of laundry. The laundry was all dried, folded and put away by late afternoon. I know laundry can be boring subject matter, but when one has 8 children at home, 7 of whom are grubby, outside boys, lives in the country with hardly anyone who stops by and pleasantly interrupts the day, laundry being finished AND put away, causes quite the excitement.

We are still plugging along with school. We are almost finished. My two oldest sons went to a formal English Country Dance. So they dressed up real spiffy and danced the night away. (English Country dancing is like the dancing seen in Pride & Prejudice movies...think Jane Austen)



I've went to scheduled uploads for my Etsy shop. Every other Thursday I'm endeavoring to have as many items as possible to upload to my store. Last Thursday I uploaded 16 new doll outfits to the shop which was a lot like having a real job. I edited 55 pictures and set up 16 new listings. Next scheduled upload is Thursday June 9th. I hoping to have 3 new dolls and 5-10 new outfits.

Hopefully I'll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging now. :)


  1. I did miss you a lot! I kept thinking you were probably making new dollies and clothes. Wow! seven load of laundry in one day! I admire you young women the way you manage to get so much done in a short time.

    Your sons look very nice!

  2. I found your blog through A Joyful Chaos.. As I was reading through I saw where you visted Rosewoods Farms(it was way back in an older post) BUT That is less than 7 miles from us! SO I take it you live in MO! Anyway I just wanted to say Hello from a fellow Missouri Blogger and I have enjoyed reading through your blog. You have a a beautiful family!Have a blessed day!