Monday, June 13, 2011

Me and My Mary Janes

When I was a child, Mary Jane's and Converse were what I wore...oh and saddle shoes, I had saddle shoes too. Now that I'm a grown up, I've left off with the Converse and the saddle shoes but still have a couple of pair of Mary Janes that I wear a lot.

My current, favorite pair of Marys to wear are my Doc Martins. Love these shoes. They are so comfortable.

My feet :) My feet again :)

Mary Janes have taken quite the turn when I was a child. Back then Mary Janes could be found in 2 styles that I recollect. The classic one strap over the top of the foot and the "T"strap, Mary Jane. I had both but liked the single strap better. Now days Mary Janes have become quite the rage and WOW can they be trendy. I've compliled some different pictures of Mary Janes for your viewing pleasure.

Camo Mary Janes. For the fashionable hunter.
Ethreal Mary Janes...These shoes should be on faries. They make me think of the green moss of England, bubbling brooks and sheltering trees. I'm loving the purple and green together.

Sporty Mary Janes. One can jog and be fashionable at the same time. Love these shoes and their color.

Funky. Almost disturbing, not quite.

Cute and sassy.
More funkiness. I actually like these and spent some time day as I was cooking supper, envisioning the perfect 40's outfit to go with them.

And these? Well they are sort of like a Mary Jane but sort of cloggish too. I like them well enough to have put them in my Amazon Wish List.

I had to come back and add that I did a search on Flickr and found a flicker group just for Mary Jane Shoes! Flickr group for Mary Jane Shoes.



  1. OOooooo,shoes!
    I love shoes,and I have fond memories of having Mary Janes when I was a wee little lass as well.
    My Favorites are the Cute and Sassy ones.(fifth pic down:)

  2. I don't recall ever having Mary Jane shoes. Maybe I'm too old? I know my girls did though. Can't really see me wearing any of these. lol