Monday, May 2, 2011

Confessions of a Pattern Junkie

I confess that sometimes I am pulled in my the colors on the pattern envelope. Like on this pattern. I love the blue dress and the red smocking together and the little red shoes set the whole outfit off. I love little girls that are dressed like little girls. (I love the ones that aren't too but you know what I mean :) ) I like to see a distinction between genders even when children are very young.

This pattern is neat because there are several useful instructions included in the "Simplicity Primer" as the instruction sheet is neatly titled.
Simplicity 3833 and no copyright date that I can find. My envelope is not in the best of shape though.
In this pattern instructions are given for button holes (the hand made variety), tailors tacks and how to straighten uneven fabric. The instruction sheet says "Simplicity Primer, Guide for cutting and sewing....detailed dress making." I like that.


  1. Maybe you'll have time to make two dresses by this pattern for the new granddaughters. It's really a sweet pattern for a little girl. Do you buy these on eBay?

  2. I agree, I do like to see little girls looking little girls and especially not 5 year olds looking like teenagers if you know what I mean. This looks identical to the patterns my mum bought for my daughter in the 1970s. It has certainly been well used by the look of it. Love the red smocking on blue.