Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Livie Knits

Livia has gotten interested in knitting again. Only she doesn't want to knit an easy dish cloth or a scarf. So I set her down with a few written instructions from my own doll sweater/cardigan/dress/vest pattern and off she went. Shes learned how to purl, increasing (kfb) and is now knitting the skirt part of her doll dress in the round. When it comes to the arms I will show her how to use double pointed needles. She picked a good time because now I actually know more about knitting and can show her a few things.

Last year I bought a skein of "nekkid" yarn and Livia and I had our first adventure in dying yarn with Kool Aid. It came out nicely in shades of pink, yellow and aqua. Its been fun to watch her. I've held her back some. I schedule a half hour into the school part of our day for her to work on her knitting. I want her to learn to pace herself (something I lack) and I want her to take her time and make her work look nice. I also don't want her to burn out. She is already picking yarn from my stash to make a matching sweater. Actually we traded. She had a green wool yarn left from a birthday gift last year and I had a pink. :)

More pictures of her doll dress to come later. :)

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  1. That is so nice -- mother and daughter sharing a hobby, something she will never forget.