Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meet Wende

I've been working on Wende for 2 weeks. I made her and then she sat in my knitting basket, amidst yarn and needles and several half finished projects, one of which is a rather large shawl that I've been knitting on for a year out of a delicious malabrigo yarn, while I set myself to thinking on what she needed to be a modest, pretty sort of girl. I like to look at my yarns to get an idea for colors. Greens and blues were speaking to me. I took several skeins and some fabrics and laid them around Wende until an idea formed in my head for her clothing. This right here is the reason I can't really put out more than one dolly a week. Too many times I have to let the doll and her clothes simmer in my mind and sometimes that takes days.

I played around last week coming up with my own version of a felt flower clip for another special dolly and the result was that I sat on the couch for an hour cutting out leaves and flowers and made a very many of these sweet, simple clips to grace my doll's hair.
Wende comes from one of my favorite fairytales, Peter Pan. I liked the girl Wendy in the story and her way with Peter....Sewing his shadow back on was quite clever of her. :)
Wende is in the shop.


  1. She is adorable!

    Sewing a shadow back on? Intriguing! I have never read Peter Pan but may have to see if I can find it now. :)


  2. She is BEAUTIFUL! My favorite!!

  3. She's absolutely perfect! All the time you spent deciding on her clothes paid off. I love her rosy cheeks and the clip in her hair.