Sunday, August 21, 2011

Confessions of a Pattern Junkie

This pattern should be titled....Sunday Go Meetin'. That is what I think when I look at the designs. Somebody knew how to dress a little girl. I confess that what grabbed me and drew me into this sweet little number is the whole dress. There is not one line, button or cut that I find fault with. Nothing in me says....I would change this or that. The collar, the tailored look the buttons give, the puffy, little sleeve, the waist yoke, full gathered skirt, big yummy bow...what is not to like? The only thing that could possibly be lamented is that more little girls are not dressed in frocks like this ones.

I confess that I think most little girl dresses would be cute in blue gingham...but this one would be really cute in blue gingham. Maybe some red rick rack around the skirt. I would do covered buttons in blue gingham too. OH, I just thought that some daisy trim around the skirt would be even cuter than the red rick rack....I alway default to red rick rack first....because there is just something about rick rack, especially if its red.

I've been looking at the hair style on the little girl in the yellow dress. (view 2) I thinking, thinking, thinking on how to get that hair style on a doll. I'm sure if I think on it long enough I'll figure it out. :)

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  1. Yes, it is a shame more little girls don't wear these frills. Maybe mama doesn't want to iron them? I really like the new look your blog has. Mine needs some updating, but I do well to even be able to post something. :)