Friday, August 5, 2011

Dolls and Doll Clothes

I am in love with these polka dot dresses. I think I want one for myself. Red would be good but then so would the blue.

It was pure pleasure to sew them up and stack them on my ironing board. All bright in red, blue, hot pink, soft pink and orange. The colors are simply fantastic. I see more of these in different colors coming soon.

Deep Aqua blue
Hot Pink
and soft pink

And then these dolls. I wavered back and forth all week about pink hair. Now that Miss Paisley is all put together, I like the pink hair. I still lean with natural hair colors but I can see myself turning out a pink haired doll every now and then...maybe even deep purple too.

Miss Paisley is sporting a bishop style smocked dress, knitted long underwear, blue cardigan and Mary Jane shoes.
And meet Miss Lucy. In my mind I think of her as Lucy Maud. The red hair sort of reminds me of the fictional Anne Shirley aka Anne of Green Gables who was brought to life by Mrs. Lucy Maud Montgomery. Hence the Lucy Maud.

I love the yarn that I used to knit her cardigan. It comes from Madelinetosh Vintage is is the Mansfield Garden Party colorway. I think I'll be ordering another skein. It knits up beautifully. Lucy Maud's dress is knit out of wool/cotton blend from Spud & Chloe. I had knit the sweater and was wondering about the color for the dress when Livia pulled out this skein and declared it would be a perfect match. I think she was right. The colorway is "Popsicle.

The dolls and doll clothes will be in my shop at 5 pm today.

Oh and it rained! A nice steady, off and on sort of rain from early this morning until around noon. All the plants are standing up and smiling and the world looks new!


  1. Fantastic!! They make me smile! Do you ever think of making a quilt to go with them?

    Lucky!! A good steady rain is what we need too. Last night there was a thunder storm north of us but I never even heard it rain here at all; just a tad I think.

  2. I love the pink hair, but I know what you mean it is hard to go out on that limb. Glad you did though she is adorable.

  3. Polka dot dolls! So 1980's, huh! I remember my sister used to have that back then. LOL! Anyways, the colors are cool to see and the dolls are well-done. I mean, there isn't a kid in real life with orange or pink hair! Hmm, I'm thinking of giving my daughter a hairstyle like that! :D

    Chris Jeffery