Monday, August 8, 2011

Adrianne, Katie Beth and Her Dress

Adrianne was one of the first 12" dolls I made. She and Katie Beth were originally intended to be the first dolls in my shop. After looking at them for awhile I decided I needed to improve as a doll maker before attempting to sell a doll. I love this little doll. In my eyes she is perfect. She ended up being gifted to a special set of sisters who still love her and make doll clothes for her out of all their moms fabric scraps.

Katie Beth is the other first 12" doll I made. When I first made her she had mohair ponytails. I used her a lot to model doll clothes for my shop.

My little Livia, played and played with her. One day my older daughter decided she needed new hair and made her some wool yarn hair. She has sat in my window, keeping me company as I sew and work on different projects. A few days ago I thought she needed a bit of gussying up so I got into the top drawer of my fabric dresser, where I store what I consider to be my knitting or sewing goofs that aren't up to my standards to sell but are good enough to keep for some other suitable reason.

I pulled out this little red dress that I knit last year. I was going to put it on a doll for my shop but I made a mistake on it. I had wanted the whole dress in stockinette but somehow or another the top came out garder stitch and the skirt was stockinette. AND when I turned it inside out it was the opposite hehehe.
Anyway I put the dress on Katie Beth and now she is a cheerful little girl in red with a snazzy blue polka dot ribbon around her waist.

Amazing what a change of clothes will do.


  1. They're both just precious! I like the calico dresses too. My dolls stand in my sewing room; now and then one holds a piece of fabric for me. I talk to them :() imagine -- me -- at 70 years!!