Monday, August 15, 2011

How much Life Changes

This picture was taken not quite a year ago when the children and I were in Alabama visiting relatives. My husband had worked for 6 months WAY down south in Venice, Louisiana with the BP Oil Spill and the children and I would go down every so often and stay in a camper that was set up next door to the Responders Village. One one such visit I got a wild hair and decided that on the way home we would go up through Alabama (a beautiful state) and visit my brother and sister inlaw and from there go on up into Tennessee and visit my sister and her family. I was really stretching my wings to drive that far, through 5 big cities, mountains, narrow dams, and awful bridges with 9 children. My older children were a real help to me. My oldest daughter sat in front and watched all the signs through the cities and kept me in the right lane. One son read directions and another helped me navigate the lanes when it came time to switch.

Autumn is married now. Donnie is graduated high school. Husband is home. I'm a grandma twice and soon to be again.


  1. Lovely family!! And you were pretty brave to drive that far! I'm a chicken I guess; luckily my family lives close by.

  2. I want a wild hair. LOL How fun!!! You have a beautiful family.

    Just came back to my blog and found the comment you left. Thank you. I think I may try to blog more. I need to type out my thoughts more so maybe I'll remember where I came from and where I'm heading.

    Going to try to catch up of your posts now. :)