Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nature Bracelets

I was looking through a friends magazine and came across a fun idea. Nature Bracelets. They are simple and fun and everyone who cares to, can participate.

Duct Tape
Anything from nature, preferably from the plant kingdom.

Cut the duct tape to the size of the wearers wrist with enough room to overlap a little. Wrap the duct tape around the wrist with the sticky side out. Over lap duct tape on to close up the "bracelet."

Go outside and collect all manner of nature.

Silas is 2.8 years old and he had no trouble figuring out what to do by watching myself and his siblings.

He was creative and found some old poke berries and mushed them onto his bracelet. A very pretty fuchsia color was the result.

Livia was a cautious collector. She looked everything over twice to make sure she wanted it on her bracelet. She went with understated elegance and I think her bracelet suits her.
Jonah tried again and again to catch a cricket to put on his bracelet. He didn't have much luck with the cricket by he did catch some sort of black bug.
Note the black bug there on Jonah's nature bracelet.

I, on the other hand put everything I could find on my bracelet. I thought it would be good to do that to give the children the idea that they could fit a lot on their bracelet and cover all the duct tape.

The was a fun way to spend an hour outside plundering around with the children. They all had a great time and were excited over their cool bracelets. When I first went out, I figured we wouldn't find much because of the early fall season, but when I got to looking there were plenty of pretty little things to pick and use. We just had to be observant and notice the little things.


  1. Such a good idea!! I think mom made the most beautiful one; pretty enough for a wedding!

  2. Oh Dana, what a wonderful plan!! We are doing this next week for our nature walk!!! Thank you!