Friday, September 23, 2011

Life in General

Its been a good week for me. Busy, full and fun. School has went well, I lived through the first few driving lessons with my 16 year old, and solved a couple of problems I've been challenged with lately. My daughter in law spent the day with us yesterday so we had fun visiting with her and Patrick. Although I think some of my children held him more than I did. :)

I was thinking yesterday of the seasons of motherhood.
Back when I was a "young mom" my days consisted largely of nursing a baby, changing diapers, reading to young children, watching the television and keeping everyone fed, bathed and the laundry kept up. We didn't go much. We stayed at home mostly. There were times I felt it was get out and go somewhere or go crazy. We were doing good to get to church on time. Good times but sort of lonely times too.

Back when I was a "middle mom" my life was consisting largely of the same things except we added real school (home education style) and the television became a thing of the past. We added home school group to our activities and went on field trips, art classes, gym class and roller skating. We got out way more and met more people outside of our church group. I made more of an effort to sew and improve my skills. I was still always nursing a baby and changing diapers but it was a little easier because my once little children were now children who could bathe themselves and get dressed on their own. They could also wash breakfast dishes!

One day during this time, I laid the littles down for a nap and I, myself laid on the couch to catch a doze. I was pregnant and tired. Some where through the fog my oldest son asked me if he could have a snack and I agreed, telling him there were some crackers in the cupboard and that he could look for something to go on them. I dozed off again. I woke a little while later to him eating crackers at the table with mustard, pickle relish and mushrooms on them while his younger sister and brother watched in awe. Good times. (we never ate crackers with mustard, pickle relish and mushrooms before and never have since either)

Now days as an "older mom", there is no nursing baby although Silas was loathe to give it up and would probably still give it a go if would let him and there are no diapers to change. We still home school. We go a lot more! Now, I long to stay at home more. My teens are energetic, active and have a variety of interests...some to my the dirt bikes my husband and boys have recently been working on and riding around. I only have one child...ONE CHILD that needs help getting dressed. I have married children. I have grand babies. Still good times.

One day (Lord willing) I will be an "old mom" and all the children will be grown and leading their own lives. I hope that my life will be filled with adult children, lots of grand children and more time to spend holding my husband's hand.


  1. All things to make up one's life. I've been through those years, and now I'm an "old mom" who hardly ever sees her children or grandchildren even though they all live close by. The daughters all work outside the home, have too many places to go and things to do. And so I tend to be alone and worry about getting to be a "real old mom", ;) and being a burden to them.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Your blog looks beautiful.