Thursday, July 14, 2011

Me and My Mary Janes part 2

I have this fascination with Mary Jane shoes. I've been searching the web over trying to find a pair of purple MJ's and in my search have come across some pretty cute Mary's.

For your viewing pleasure....
Are these not totally awsome? I would so wear these if the words "Lucky" and "Girl" were removed from the shoe. Love the red gingham and the cherries. Nice chunky sole. What more could a girl want?

Now these Mary Jane's remind me in a mild sort of way, of a Japanese Garden. So many colors and a nice pattern. These would be cute with a deep blue pleated skirt that falls right to the knees and knee high socks. I wonder if they are as comfortable as they are cute?

I could almost hear the "Hallelujah" chorus being sung when I found these shoes. They are all leather and look like they might last for years and not only be comfortable and dependable but practical and sensible. I have become my mother...I just used the words practical and sensible when describing shoes I like.

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