Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finding that elusive blogging groove once again

Blogging is one of those things in which I have to find a "groove" and get into it. Lately, I seem to have lost my groove. I was thinking last night that the only way to get my "groove" back is to actually start blogging again. Funny how things work sometimes.

July is always a ridiculously busy month for our family. Actually it starts in June, when we pack up to leave home, to camp on the outskirts of a not so distant city, but distant enough that we have to pack up and sell fire works in the heat. The first Monday after the 4th of July starts "CAMP" season. For three weeks people are coming and going from my house and every time they come, they bring a MOUNTAIN of dirty laundry in with them. The third week of camp all my teens are gone to camp and my husband works down there that week (and sometimes second week too) as a counselor. This is my husbands 14th year down there. To say he loves it would be an understatement. My husband loves teens, always has and hes good with them.

I went to visit my son, Kevin and his wife and my sweet grand daughter Penelope on July 9th. They live a couple of hours away. Livie went with me. What a sweetie Penny is! Kevin and Lauren are pretty cool too :)

On July 13 my first grandson was born. Patrick. He is the sweetest baby. A doll really. Its a good time of life for me. I no longer have a baby but my children are having babies. This grandma gig is a sweet deal.

Last week I traveled the highways once more and went for a visit with my daughter and her husband. I went by myself. It was nice to see them (she is expecting a baby in February!!!!!! my 3rd grand baby this year) and I can't ever remember getting so much uninterrupted knitting time since I learned to knit. I knit several doll sweaters and started a pair of doll longies. (doll pants :)) All knit with gorgeous yarns which make taking the time to knit worth it for me. I am a slow knitter who is working on getting faster.

Speaking of dolls, there will be an update in my shop this Friday, July 29. I worked on two dolls yesterday. I tried a new hairstyle on one...sort of a "brushed hair" look. Lots of doll makers do it and it is really the cutest thing. So I'll be working on dressing dolls today. Both dolls will be in the shop on Friday along with a few new doll outfits.

Have a nice day, Friends. :) Our God is a good God.

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  1. Good to read your blog again...missed you, but I totally understand. Sometimes I just want to let the whole blogging thing go; but I'd miss it. It is a chore though to come up with interesting topics.

    Sweet little babies!