Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lovely Saturday

Its Saturday! Lovely Saturday.

Saturday morning house cleaning is fixing to commence soon. Only 1 load of laundry to wash up. Although there will be more laundry later today as my husband and 3 oldest boys will be home from a week at Camp Joy with their laundry bags in tow. They will be brown(er) from the sun, tired, happy and full of stories from the week that I can't wait to hear.

I have to make some doll heads today. I am completely out. For some reason I dislike starting doll heads but once I get the first one made and find the groove of getting wool wound tight and firm, I don't mind making them at all. Today I will have a helper to hold the string as I tie it off and that is a great help.

I must think of something for dinner tonight and for lunch tomorrow after church.

I have 2 dolls and 2 doll outfits to get ready to mail out Monday morning. Although, truth be told I probably won't get them ready until Monday morning.

I also need to pleat a bishop style dress and ready it for smocking. I've had a doll idea rolling around in my head for awhile that I plan to execute this week. Interestingly enough, I usually make a doll and then plan her clothing. I usually have to mull the clothing over for awhile and sometimes end up making her a couple of outfits till I find what is right. Last week I planned the doll around a top I had knit and this week I'm doing the same. I've figured out all the clothes (even knit up the cardigan yesterday evening as I visit with a good friend) and now I have to make a doll come into being that will match the clothes. I wonder if other doll makers operate this way?

There is nothing that has to be done rush, rush today. Lately, I've been mentally making myself slow down and enjoy the process of whatever work I happen to be doing, instead of mentally hurrying all the time. I think its a lesson in patience.

Its a lovely Saturday. :)

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