Friday, July 29, 2011

As the children played out in the kiddie pool this week, I sat in my sewing area and listened to them while working on dolls and doll clothes. Its been miserable hot here in southern Missouri and the kiddie pool was a good way to help cool off and chill out.

This is Susie. She is the first doll that I've attempted to do brushed hair on. I like her style of hair. I want to play with different types of mohair and see what kinds of different looks it will have.

Mia is the start of an idea I've had. I want to do some dolls that are dressed all in hand knit clothing. Mia's clothes took some time, but she was worth it. Once I got started knitting for her, I didn't want to stop.

Yesterday was a day of sewing up some doll clothes while listening to the Canadian Tenors.

Its fun to sew and sing loudly at the same time. Try'll see what I mean. It makes me feel as if I haven't got a care in the world.
I hope all my friends are weathering the heat well. It sure has been HOT! Everything here is dry and covered with a layer of dust. I was driving down the dirt road yesterday and all the weeds, bushes and leaves need a good rain to wash all the dust off.

Have a great weekend. :)


  1. The dolls are precious! And I love their clothes! Weren't you tempted to join the kids in the pool? We're just terribly dry; grass crunches when I walk over it.

  2. Love the Waldorf Dolls. I have the supplies to make a couple and still procrastinating...I think it is the fear of messing them up, but just like the kids, one has to get their feet wet in the pool to have some fun. Keep cool, Ohio has been hot and humid.....thank God for the ac :)