Saturday, February 12, 2011

From Worn and Weary

I've been fixing up a new spot in my house as a sewing area. My 9 year old daughter enjoys sewing and knitting so I wanted her to have a spot too.

We've had a little table around the house for a few years that we've used a lot. When company comes its handy to pull out and the children have used it and used the chairs a lot. Needless to say its a bit worn. Still very usable but not so nice as it once was.
The blue chair has seen better days.
I decided to give the table and chair a new 'do' and put them in a corner of our new sewing area so that, Livia, my daughter could have her sewing machine set up all the time.
I added some Velcro to the corners to keep the new table cloth stable.
I laid the top of the chair on a piece of printer paper and made a template for the top chair cover. I added the red rick rack just for kicks. Its cute!

A bright, fun place for a girl to sew up a fantastic wardrobe for her dolls.
For now, please excuse the quality of my pictures. My photographer fell in love and was married at the end of January and she took her camera with her. I'm looking at cameras, trying to decide what to purchase. So until then, my cell phone is my only means of taking pictures.

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  1. I love your project. I bet your daughter does too! I am getting a new camera in a short while. I am waiting on it's arrival.Thanks so much for the follow. Blessings jane