Monday, March 1, 2010

Wilson Humor

Friday, Elijah and Stephen came into the house dragging a moaning Ezra by the under arms. Ezra's face was covered with blood and he was moaning rather loudly. Any mother would be startled and concerned at the sight.

Apparently, Ezra turned half way around to catch a football and while coming back around didn't realize how close he was to a pine tree and ran smack into the tree, scrapping his face pretty good.
Later I overheard Elijah and Stephen telling their older brother and sister this story....
Ezra was laying there on the ground and said "Boys, drag me into the house!" Stephen and Elijah both heartily agreed with "Oh, this oughta be good!" They knew it would get me and it did.
Ezra didn't need dragging at all. Thats Wilson humor. All my boys live to get a reaction. From Dad all the way down!

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  1. Oh my! That sounds like something my boys would do. My second boy (8) is such an actor.