Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Spring Spring

Spring is here!
The trees are budding.
Grass is growing and looking fresh and green.
My peach trees are beautiful with their pink blossoms.
I've had the pleasure of being woke up to the joyful sound of birds singing. I've lingered in bed a few mornings to listen and interpret what the sing song chirps and trills are saying.

I found myself humming this this song this morning.
Spring, Spring, Spring from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

We have raked and raked the yard. Burned and hauled off leaves. The garden is plowed. There are 50lbs of seed potatoes, 2lbs of onions, spinach, pea etc waiting for the rain to go away and the garden to dry out, for planting.

I've been working on a few new dolls. The birds and their singing have inspired me.


  1. Welcome back!! I've really missed your words and the sweet dolls and clothes you tell us about.

    Seems you've spent the time well though. We're much too wet to plant too. Happens every year; then when we get things coming up it usually turns dry. Oh me of little faith! lol

  2. Oh how I love that movie and the songs!!!

    You have truly been a busy little spring beaver haven't you???

    God bless ya and have a blissful day sweetie!!! :o)