Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Piper, Pearl and Patterns

I've been working on patterns lately. There are so many 15-16 inch dolls out there, I've been wanting to make doll clothes to fit them. I'm hoping to have a few 15-16" dresses in my shop on Friday.

I've gotten two new dolls together.

Meet Piper.

She is showing off her bloomers. They are super cute and comfy to wear.

I took my time with these two dolls. They've been in the works for almost 3 weeks. Sometimes it takes me awhile to dress a doll and it took me awhile with these dolls. I've knit several items but none seemed to suit. Usually, I sit the doll in my knitting basket and decide colors. This time I took them down to my sewing studio and set them in one of my many fabric baskets. A couple of days later, in the mail came the pretty pink and blue fabrics that make up Pipers dress and pinafore.

Pearl is a sweetie. This is one of my favorite doll outfits to make. I like the little smock with a pocket on it.

Her black curls are the "shake and go" type of curls. I like an easy hair style. :)
These dolls will be in my shop on Friday, October 7 at 5 PM. I'll be sewing all afternoon tomorrow on doll clothes.


  1. I saw these last night but couldn't comment so just gave up. These little dolls just make me want to hug them! Both are precious, but little Piper grabs my heart.

    In my mind, I want to sew doll clothes for an 18" doll, and I have patterns, but I can't even get around to making clothes for my homemade cloth dolls! Maybe someday -- when I get to retire from farming???

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